Corporate Clients We Serve Best

"Ultimately, our corporate clients come to trust that we will provide excellent service and education to the employer and their employees."

In addition to individual clients, Cassa Wealth Management also provides valuable Retirement Plan Services to corporations. Many Financial Professionals do not possess the Accounting & Tax experience we do and they may not take the time to determine if their client has the optimal retirement plan for their organization. Our corporate clients typically seek the expertise of a financial professional who can review their plan design and make recommendations for improvements. Towards that end, we coordinate a team comprised of a qualified Third Party Administrator (TPA), Retirement Plan Sponsor and our firm’s experience to take a consultative approach to offer a plan stratgey that meets the company’s objectives, is cost effective and is in compliance with the Department of Labor’s most recent guidelines.

Among the corporate clients we serve best are:

  • Small Business Owners seeking to maximize tax savings opportunities
  • Corporations looking to consult with a retirement plan specialist to determine the most advantageous retirement plan for their organization
  • Clients with 401k Plans who are failing testing and losing tax deferral/deduction opportunities
  • Clients with a 401k who are unhappy with the Advisor's service or the plan’s performance
  • Corporations not receiving the education and service they deserve on their existing plan from their current advisor

Many of our corporate clients come to us through relationships with local CPAs who ask us to perform reviews for their clients’ existing retirement plans or to help them establish a new plan for their organization. In working with us, these CPAs quickly develop confidence in Cassa Wealth Management. Ultimately, our corporate clients come to trust that we will provide excellent service and education to the employer and their employees.

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