Who We are


As a Wealth Management Advisor with Cassa Wealth Management, I’m asked a lot of challenging questions by prospective clients. Most of those questions reveal a sense of uncertainty about the process of planning for a secure financial future…a future that will, as more than one of my clients stated, “allow me and my family to live our lives on our terms.”

Helping people develop a plan that will attempt to ultimately enable them to live the lives they’ve envisioned is the core reason why I chose this profession. During my years as a wealth manager, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my clients achieve their goals. Along the way, we’ve developed strong relationships that are rooted in integrity, trust and respect.

Our role as a Wealth Manager is really pretty simple. We are here to provide leadership, knowledge and experience…to help our clients prioritize their personal and business goals, so they can confidently entrust the responsibility for their wealth management to our firm.

That’s why we’ve developed the motto, TRUST…PLAN…ACHIEVE...

Are any of the following situations relevant to your own personal circumstances?
"How much longer do I have to work to be able to retire comfortably?"

"I’ve just changed jobs. I want to roll over my 401K & Pension Plan, but I’m not sure where to invest the money."

"I’ve never really had an investment plan, but I think I’m pretty well off. Do I need a formal financial plan to pursue financial independence?"

"My employer is having financial difficulty and is in the process of streamlining the organization. I have been offered an Early Retirement Package but I’m not sure if I should accept it. I wish I had someone to consult with to make this crucial decision."

"I’ve got a successful business that is doing well right now. But I’m paying a great deal in income taxes. I wish I could find a way to reduce my income tax burden and save for retirement so that I’m not so dependent upon my business for my financial security."

"In my role as Human Resources Representative for our company, I’m really not sure we have the best plan to meet the company’s objectives. Moreover, we’re not receiving the service or advice our employees deserve. Maybe we should get a second opinion from an independent financial advisor?"

"Why do I have to call my financial advisor to get any information? Shouldn’t they be calling me?"